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No matter the medium, our work is grounded in strategy and understanding of whom were trying to reach






About Griffasi&co Creative Consultant & Art Direction. 

Clients include, Moxie Interactive Division of Publicists out of Atlanta, Saatchi & Saatch NYC, Agency Sacks NYC, Resource Interactive out of Columbus, OH, AVON global, Johnson & Johnson, Saks Fifth Ave & John Frieda to name a few.
Carl Griffasi has been working in the luxury brand industry for over 20 years. He has established quality working relationships in the creative industry, allowing him to bring in the most appropriate talent for each specific job, achieving the most effective creative executions for his clients.
“Carl had an intuitave design savvy that brought a fresh cutting edge to Redken's promotional design efforts. He was always collaborative and respectful of timelines required to move our business forward, making every effort to achieve desired results for the brand.” ​​Buddy Schnapp, Assistant V.P. Promotional Purchasing, ​ Redken 5th Ave NYC

“Incredibly talented and focused, Carl works closely with the client to understand the need and then delivers a creative product that stands above standard executions. Decent. Charming. Professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Carl for any creative endeavor he may
be tackling.” ​​Ted St John, Copy Director, Lord & Taylor

“In my experience, not only does Carl Griffasi have an innate ability ​to execute his creative ideas into highly effective marketing pieces, ​
he also has a wonderful knack for putting together teams of talent ​that function cohesively with his expert guidance. Carl is an absolute pleasure to collaberate with!” Glenna Franklin beauty,  freelance make-up artist,​ sarah laird artist representstives


Sandro de Carvalho’s professional portfolio highlights still life, product artistry, architectural and portrait photography; however, no subject matter is unapproachable as his passion behind the lens is enthusiastic, palpable and professional.  
His love, appreciation and respect for art, architecture and sculpture translate seamlessly to the photography medium, doing whatever it takes to get that perfect shot; whether that means working tirelessly to find the proper lens or perfect light during a shoot or working into the wee hours of the morning in post-production editing - you will feel his passion, dedication and drive in each of his images.  This strong eye for detail and appreciation for the craftsmanship of artists make him one of the most sought-after photographers in beauty, fashion, architecture and real estate.  


Having worked her way through the exciting hospitality world, including stints as a chef, bartender, catering director, and every other life affirming task that draws one into the hospitality industry forever, Linda left the kitchen side of the business and transitioned into being a supporter of the industry - trading her apron in for the almighty press release.
Linda’s first client was South Norwalk’s, now uber popular, Barcelona Restaurant. “It was their first restaurant in the company and my first PR client on my own after leaving my New York firm in 1997,“ she recalls. And the rest is history as Barcelona went on to be one of the biggest restaurant success stories in Connecticut .


Working with some of the best and brightest at the 500 Startups accelerator (batch15) in Silicon Valley.  Led by Dave McClure, 500 Startups is the #1 most active seed fund and startup accelerator in the world. While I began coding and hacking in 2002, my professional journey into modern development was kickstarted by my employment at MooDigital (now AgencyLabs). I worked closely with the CTO. 
Having worked on and completed projects big and small, from local company websites to startups and fortune 500 companies. I enjoy writing beautiful, properly indented code, with clean, succinct, and descriptive documentation with clear commit messages. While trying to allow that precision to spill into all areas of my business endeavors. 


Mitria’s proud lineage and transcontinental childhood informed her sensibility, which blends a legacy of Italian beauty, design, and culture with the fast-paced innovations of commerce and creativity of her adopted home, New York City.
Her intuition and deep insight into the world of upscale and luxury lifestyles makes her a natural born storyteller with a passion to create powerful visual experiences for her clients. She’s been responsible for the creation or revitalization of world-class luxury brands and emerging companies including Ito En, Michele Inzerillo for Gentlemen, Felissimo, Los Angeles Times.
“Simply the best!” Marco Inzerillo, CEO

Client Experience

"Griffasi had an intuitave design savvy that brought a fresh cutting edge to Redken's promotional design efforts. "


Creative hospitality agencies in Connecticut... Formulating ideas from concept through production for magazines, catalogues, branding and web design. Sophisticated & Fresh, extensive knowledge of the retail fashion and consumer beauty products arenas both domestic and international.

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